How to make a list of used literature

First you need to choose exactly the literature that you will take as the basis of your work. The result of writing a diploma depends on how correctly this is done research paper help. In general, each institution in the guidelines recommends how to correctly write a list and what sources need to include it. At least a few units from the recommended literature should be specified, or even better really used. If your supervisor has published his publication on this topic, then it must necessarily be included in the list of used literature. Conditionally the entire list can be divided into two parts: the literature that you used to write the theoretical part; literature used for practical classes. Even before you start writing your work, roughly correlate the two parts and make them equal. First, look for answers to your questions, bookmark, and at the same time look for relevant practical materials. What is it for? If you have made the right balance of these two parts, then consider that your work has already been done half. You have selected exactly what is most important, what you really need to write a work. In the future, when working with the main literature, you will meet other sources, which should also not be neglected – they can be very useful. This will all make your work creative, not just written off from various textbooks. Let even from those that you recommended in the university. We hope that you will learn to highlight the main thing. The opinion of teachers about you, as a competent and successful specialist, will be guaranteed. We are not lazy, we are looking for interesting and useful materials or we appeal to specialists. Briefly summarize about what needs to be done: Of the total mass of literature, you cut off all unnecessary, and leave exactly those sources that really help to write quality work. Consider the ratio of theoretical and practical parts. Work with the selected sources, indicating them in the work and simultaneously forming a list of used literature.

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